💜 MEDITATION WITH MARIE 💜 – email to register your spot.

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Marie offers 5 month Meditation programs

The 5 Month Course will be a group meditation class being held over 1 1/4 hr and will offer the following:

– A safe, sacred space filled with love

– A personal energy clearing to begin the session

– A selection of crystals for you to choose from that will heighten and support each individual’s meditation experience

– An Oracle card for you to select that will enlighten and help you gain insight into your personal journey

– An opportunity to share your thoughts. This allows you to be heard and honours a gentle soul connection between all group members

– A meditation that:

* Begins with a release of all tension and tightness held within the body on all levels – a deeply relaxing experience

* Includes a guided journey – a time to receive guidance, to connect to one’s own wisdom, to meet personal Guides or Angels, to simply be … And so much more … each individual’s experience is their own

– An Aura Spray to complete the Meditation session

When: All classes are Saturday mornings @ 8am – 9.15am (arrive 5 to 10mins early to allow for a sharp start time)

Please bring your own cushions and what you need to be comfortable – this class is designed for you to relax your body – I encourage you to honour what your Body needs to comfy 😀

The Energy Exchange is $30p/p per class, held in a 5 Month Block Course = $150p/p to be paid in full 5 days before the first class begins.

Payment options are available 😀


All classes require a commitment to attend 5 consecutive classes to honour your own journey and growth and receive the most out of attending this Meditation with Marie Course 💜