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Do you love a great story? Do you enjoy sipping a delicious beverage? Do you like chatting to friends…well here’s your chance!
This year, the rebadged RCW Book Club now known as Books, Coffee and Friends is meeting at the Cleveland Library for a good natter about the latest book, books in general, author events, book festivals and all things bookish.
We then convene to the adjoining Little Bloomfield Café and Wine Bar for further discussion about anything and everything.
The monthly event is facilitated by Sue Parker with the help of some very devoted book worms.
This year the reading list includes a combination of literary fiction, crime fiction, popular fiction and comic fiction. But the number one rule is: if you can’t get into it, don’t read it. Read something else instead and tell us about that novel.
This is a Members only activity, however, you are welcome to come along and see if you like our program, if you do membership is available by clicking on the join tab of this website.
So Many Books, So Little Time (SMBSLT)

This is the list of recommended books that we couldn’t fit into this year’s list. Perhaps if you’ve read the assigned reading then you might like to chose from this list.

A wide variety of formats are available in which to enjoy the story. They include:
• The printed book.
• ebook – Kindle and Kobo or just download on your tablet or computer and read.
• Audio Book such as Audible.com
• Library – the Redlands Libraries has all of these formats available. Did you know there are 3 libraries in the Redlands: Victoria Point, Cleveland and Capalaba?
• Op shops – for the books that have been in print for a while, the Op Shop or second hand book shops are a good place to look.

Please email info@redlandscentreforwomen.com for further information.

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