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Rachel Smith is Underspent. She didn’t buy anything new or 2nd hand in 2014 and saved $52,580 (38% of her salary). She quit impulse shopping and saved her money. She changed her spending and transformed her savings. It started as a lifestyle experiment, but it changed her life, so she kept on going.
Rachel is the Author of Underspent and a Money Saving Expert for Australian TV, radio and print media. Rachel is teaching, and helping, people to break the habit of impulse shopping in 7 steps through her book, monthly challenges (free) and weekly blog.

Rachel will share everything about how she quit impulse shopping and buying stuff and how she saved $52,680 in 12 months.
Rachel will share the seven mistakes most men and women make impulse shopping, buying stuff, spending money and overspending. Because, we’ve never been taught how to not spend money – we’ve all been taught how to spend money, so of course we’re all going to make mistakes! Rachel will share the 7 sticking points that prevent change which include fear, the need for ‘instant fixes’ and exhaustion. She will finish with the 7 steps in the Underspent book.
After the talk and a Q&A, Rachel will teach you how to implement the 7 steps in the Underspent book. The mini-workshop is designed to give you proven strategies that you can use immediate to manage your everyday spending and save money.

Rachel Smith

21st Feb – 6.45 for a 7pm start til 9pm includes light refreshments and Q&A
Cost –
$10 for members
$15 for non-members

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