Books, Coffee & Friends

Do you love a great story?

Do you enjoy sipping a delicious beverage?
Do you like chatting to friends…well here’s your chance!

This year, the rebadged RCW Book Club now known as Books, Coffee and Friends is meeting at the
Little Bloomfield Café and Wine Bar at Cleveland, conveniently located right outside the library so you
can slip in and grab the latest reads. Sue Parker is the facilitator of Books, Coffee and Friends (BCF).


Books, Coffee and Friends

This year the reading list includes a combination of literary fiction, crime fiction, popular fiction and comic fiction.
But the number one rule is: if you can’t get into it, don’t read it. Read something else instead and tell us about that novel.

Meeting Times

We meet on the 4th Saturday of the month at the Little Bloomfield Cafe and Wine Bar at Cleveland between 10am and 12 noon.